Mar 25
JJ Kane's Auction Facility 14354 Dearborn Ave
South Beloit, IL 61080
8:30 a.m.
  • We may not have vehicles at every auction. If we do have vehicles, ours will be mixed in with vehicles from other entities.
  • Auctions are never held on North Shore Gas premises.
  • The general public and North Shore Gas employees are invited to attend these auctions.
  • Future auction dates will be posted as soon as we schedule them.
  • Sign up to be added to the J.J. Kane mailing list for all future auctions.

Auction Items

Vehicle # Description Photos
​NV0886 2010 Ford Focus  
NV0887 2010 Ford Focus  
​NE4421 2007 Yanmar Mini Excavator  
NE4422 2007 Yanmar Mini Excavator  
NE4602 2002 Case Skid Loader 60XT  
NT6269 1999 Redihaul Trailer FSL14HE  
PE4469 2003 John Deere T110 Backhoe  
PT6470 2003 Towmaster T-12T Trailer  
PT7958 2002 Trailer WAAW15SB  
​PV3971 2005 GMC C4500  
PV1826 2007 GMC Savana Cargo Van  
PE4440 2003 John Deere T110 Backhoe  

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