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Ideas, advice and news from North Shore Gas   •   January 2021
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Financial assistance available

If you or someone you know is struggling with their bills, assistance is available for eligible customers through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and the North Shore Gas Share the Warmth program. Eligibility is based on 30 days of income.

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Sniff it out

You are your own best natural gas leak detector. If you smell rotten eggs, get everyone out of the house immediately, and then call our emergency number at 866-556-6005. We'll send a crew out immediately for free to investigate the situation.

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Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms never sleep

January is the highest month for CO poisoning in the U.S. You can't smell, taste or see CO, which is why Illinois law requires houses and apartments to have a CO alarm within 15 feet of sleeping areas. Learn about the signs of, and how to prevent, CO poisoning.

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Is your meter located inside your home or business?

If so, we are required to conduct periodic regulatory inspections of service pipes, up to and including the natural gas meters inside customers' homes and businesses. The inspections are done to ensure your safety, and they are free of charge. If you receive a letter from us, please call 866-607-9766 or visit to schedule your appointment.

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