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Keep vents and meters clear

Remember to keep natural gas and electric vents and meters clear of ice and snow for safety and accessibility.

  • Use your hand or a brush to gently remove snow from the meter.
  • Remove icicles that may drip water onto the meter.
  • Don’t bury meters when using a snow blower or shovel.
  • Keep the walkway clear of snow and ice. It helps our technicians replace, repair or read the meter and helps first responders gain access to shut it off during an emergency.

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Home heating help is available

If you are having financial difficulties, or know someone who is, we can help. We have a variety of programs and options available to customers.

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Sniff it out

You are your own best natural gas leak detector. If you smell rotten eggs, you may have a gas leak. If so, get everyone out of the house immediately, then call our emergency number at 866-556-6005. We’ll send a crew out immediately for free to investigate the situation.

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Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms never sleep

January is the highest month for CO poisoning in the U.S. You can’t smell, taste or see CO, which is why Illinois law requires houses and apartments to have a CO alarm within 15 feet of all sleeping areas.

Learn the signs of, and how to prevent, CO poisoning →
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Community spotlight

Ravinia-Reach Teach Play

North Shore Gas is proud to support Ravinia’s Reach Teach Play music education and community initiatives, which provide free programming for hundreds of Lake County residents. One of the programs is Sistema Ravinia, which provides daily instrumental and orchestral instruction for third through eighth grade students.

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