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Ideas, advice and news from North Shore Gas   •    May 2022
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Natural gas prices remain high

Natural gas prices remain high nationwide leading to higher than normal natural gas bills in spring. If you or someone you know is having trouble managing their natural gas bill, help is available.

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Plant giveaway at Chicago Botanic Garden

We are proud supporters of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Plant Giveaway. Each Wednesday through Sunday, from mid-May through September, visitors can take seeds or seedlings home to plant — for free. Weather permitting, the giveaway takes place over 102 days, weekdays, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and weekends, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Call JULIE at 811 before starting your summer project

Natural gas pipes and other utilities run underground to your home or building. Before starting any task involving digging, call JULIE at 811 or fill out a dig ticket online at least two days before to have all the buried utilities marked — for free. It’s the law. If you hired someone to do the digging for you, they are required to call 811.

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Underground natural gas pipes — what’s your responsibility

If you have a pool, fire pit or grill that uses natural gas, you most likely own a buried natural gas pipe running from your home or business to fuel them. Any natural gas piping running from our meter, inside and outside your home or business, is your responsibility, and you need to have them inspected on a regular basis.

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Save with a virtual energy assessment

Save energy in your home with the Home Energy Jumpstart! Our energy advisor will guide you virtually through an interactive walk-through using video-sharing software. After your assessment, free energy-saving products will be delivered to you, so you can install them throughout your home.

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