Budget Billing is designed to eliminate the highs and lows in your energy bills, so your bill remains stable from month to month.

It's Simple and Free

We calculate your estimated yearly energy cost by looking at last year's energy use and factoring in weather and price forecasts. Then we divide it into 12 equal payments. If we see a dramatic change in natural gas prices, we'll review your account and adjust your budget amount to more closely reflect actual costs. Your bill for the 12th month will then include any difference between what you paid and the actual cost of the energy you used throughout the year.

If you paid too much, we will apply a credit to your bill. If you paid too little, the balance will be spread over the new Budget Billing year.

Review Terms and Enroll Already Enrolled? Review Budget Amount

For extra convenience, add Automatic Payment to your Budget Billing plan. This will reduce your monthly bill paying in a simple entry in your checkbook.

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