Landlords and property managers

Manage energy service for your rental properties in one convenient location with our landlord reversion program.

Manage your properties

Remove owner agreement if you sell one of your rental properties and are no longer the owner.

New landlords or property managers

When signed up for the landlord reversion program, you agree to have the energy services for properties you own revert to you between tenants.

You also can take advantage of these convenient features:

Portal snapshot: Here's an exmaple of what you can expect to see, based on your reversion agreement.
  • View average bill information for your rental units.
  • View and download property usage history reports.
  • Identify if properties are being billed in a tenant’s name and the effective date.
  • Receive alerts when we need to access your properties for safety and maintenance work.
  • Modify your notification preferences.

Complete owner agreement to sign up.