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Get energy-saving products installed in your home for free. Home Energy Jumpstart is offered in partnership with ComEd. Homeowners can reduce their energy and water use with free installation of these products, available to owners of single-family homes, two-flats and individually-metered condos and townhomes. Renters are also eligible, with permission from their landlord.

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  • Programmable Thermostat - Raise and lower temperature automatically, limiting the amount of energy used when you are away or asleep.
  • WaterSense® Certified Showerheads - Use less water than traditional showerheads, which means you'll use less energy heating water for showers.
  • Pipe Insulation - Keeps water in your hot water pipes warm longer, helping you lower water consumption and reduce the energy used by your hot water heater.
  • Faucet Aerators - Use up to 30 percent less water than standard faucet aerators, helping you save water and the energy used to heat it.
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified CFLs - Use about 70 percent less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs and last about 10 times longer.

Refer A Friend. Get Entered To Win A Little Something Extra.

For a limited time, refer others to the Home Energy Jumpstart Program and get entered into a monthly drawing for gift cards up to $100 when your referrals participate in the program. After our technicians install your free products, they'll give you a unique referral code. Pass your referral code along to your friends, neighbors and family members for a chance to be entered into the monthly drawing. You'll be entered once for each installation completed based on your referrals.

Certain terms and conditions apply.

No participation necessary to enter.

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