Super Savers

Super Savers is a FREE energy-efficiency education program. It teaches students ways to save energy and water. Students and their families learn how to save by installing energy-saving products. The products can help lower utility bills. The curriculum supports Illinois Learning Standards.

The program is designed for 5th-graders. It comes with teacher education materials, lesson plans and activities designed for inside and outside the classroom. Each student receives a Student Guide, Workbook and Super Savers Kit.

The Super Savers Kit includes:

  • A high-efficiency showerhead.
  • Two LED light bulbs.
  • One compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL).
  • A kitchen faucet aerator.
  • A digital thermometer.
  • A shower timer.
  • Tips on how to conserve energy and water.

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"They [the students] loved receiving the kits. In fact, one family saw their bills decrease!"
– Diane Plunkett, teacher at Whittier Elementary School