Payment arrangements

We understand circumstances sometimes make it difficult to keep up with your bills. That’s why we offer payment arrangements and a minimum payment option to allow customers to maintain service while they pay off past-due balances.

Payment arrangements

A payment arrangement helps eligible customers catch up on their bills over several months. The plan allows you to pay a portion of your past-due balance while paying your current bill.

Make payment arrangements

The sooner you contact us, the more likely we’ll be able to make arrangements that work for you.

You are eligible for a payment arrangement if:

  • You are a residential or small business customer with an active account.
  • You are not currently on a payment plan to pay off a past-due balance.

Other things to know

  • Your request to sign up for a payment arrangement can be denied if you still owe money on a previous payment plan with us.
  • If you do not make the payments under your payment arrangement, your service may be disconnected.

Reading your bill

View larger payment arrangement image

North Shore Gas payment arrangement sample

  1. If you have a payment arrangement with us, the total payment arrangement balance plus any current charges will appear on your bill’s payment stub.
  2. The amount you should pay (payment arrangement installment, plus any current charges) will now appear in the Messages section of your bill. For multipage bills, messages may appear on subsequent pages and not on the first page as shown in the sample bill to the left.