Application process

Suppliers should submit the following information to North Shore Gas to participate in the Choices for You program:

  1. Signed Gas Transportation contract
  2. Supplier Selection of Market Segment
  3. Contact Gas Transportation Services for contracts.
  4. Application fee of $2,000 payable to North Shore Gas (This is a one-time fee; a separate application fee applies to the North Shore Gas programs.)
  5. Proof of certification or authorization to serve residential customers and commercial customers using 5,000 therms per year or less.
    Public Act 92-0529 requires alternative gas suppliers serving or seeking to serve residential customers to obtain a certificate of service authority from the Illinois Commerce Commission ("Commission").

The following documents should also be submitted for informational purposes:

  1. Latest financial statements
  2. Current Annual Report, if applicable
  3. Latest 10K or 10Q, if applicable
  4. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three utility references
  5. Organizational structure of parent corporation and affiliate companies
  6. Disclosure of current or pending operation under bankruptcy or insolvency laws
  7. Disclosure of current or pending legal proceedings related to providing natural gas transportation to service to residential, commercial, or industrial customers

Suppliers who don't have Rider P or AGG experience must include documentation demonstrating business experience as a supplier to end-use customers.

Standard credit factors will be used to evaluate the eligibility of suppliers. It will take approximately one week to complete the qualification process from the date the information is received by North Shore Gas.

Separate pools will be created for North Shore Gas. Suppliers can establish more than one pool within each utility's Choices for You program.

Applications should be sent to:

North Shore Gas
Choices for You Program
c/o GTS Department
200 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601-6302

Other information