Sewer line safety

Always call North Shore Gas at 866-573-6867 before you or anyone else attempts to clear a blocked sewer line.

We will send a service technician to determine whether any potential conflict exists between our natural gas lines and your sewer line.

Why do I need to call before clearing a sewer blockage?

"Trenchless" technology or "directional boring" is often used to install natural gas lines underground.

This is the preferred method of installing new gas lines nationwide because it minimizes disruption to landscaping, sidewalks and streets. Precautions are taken to avoid sewer lines, but in some instances a natural gas line can intersect with a sewer line. This situation is called a "cross-bore."

In instances where a cross-bore exists, sewer rodding equipment such as augers and root cutters can penetrate the gas line and lead to the dangerous release of natural gas.

Stay safe

If your sewer line is backed up, always call North Shore Gas at 866-573-6867 before anyone attempts to clear it.

We will send a technician to locate the underground gas lines serving your building to ensure there is no conflict with your sewer line. The service is free and available 24 hours a day.