Small and Midsize Business Program

North Shore Gas Energy Efficiency Program

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The Small and Midsize Business Program provides no cost/low cost energy-saving products, assessments and expert advice. Reduce your operating costs and reinvest those dollars back into your business.

  • Rebates for energy-saving upgrades - Get rebates on your qualifying projects and enjoy energy savings, month after month! Work with a participating program contractor to take advantage of No Cost/Low Cost Energy Saving Opportunities such as pipe insulation, steam traps, boiler tune-ups, roof-top unit tune-ups, thermostats and more.
  • Free online energy assessment - Take short online assessment to answer a few questions regarding your business or facility – it should only take about 5 minutes. Once you have gone through the questions, you will receive a energy report identifying opportunities specific to your business and ways you can reduce your energy usage and lower costs.
  • Free energy assessments - Our team will complete an onsite assessment of your business. You will receive a customized report summarizing free energy-saving installation options, upgrades, rebates and a cost-benefit analysis for future improvements.

Application form To get started, contact us or call 855-849-8928 to schedule an appointment for a free energy assessment.