Income eligible

The North Shore Gas Energy Efficiency Program provides energy-saving offerings specially designed for income-eligible customers to help improve energy efficiency, home comfort and building safety.

Some offerings allow customers to take control of their own energy costs at home, while others are designed for property owners, managers and developers.

Multi-Family Income Eligible

Building owners and managers whose buildings are designated as income eligible may qualify for comprehensive energy efficiency retrofits in common areas and tenant spaces. Improvements may include free weatherization, Energy Star certified LEDs, programmable thermostats, advanced power strips, boiler tuneups and more.

Zoë Bottger

Tenants who live in multi-family residences are encouraged to let their landlord or property manager know about the multi-family energy savings opportunities offered by North Shore Gas.

Public Housing

Veterans Training Program

Public housing authorities can receive technical and financial assistance to make energy improvements to their properties. Services include energy assessments and direct installation of high-efficiency products such as lighting and thermostats, plus deeper savings measures with HVAC and weatherization. Eligibility is limited to State of Illinois-designated public housing authorities in the North Shore Gas service area.

Kate Brown

Affordable Housing New Construction

Affordable housing developers can receive technical guidance and incentives for single-family and multi-family new construction and major renovation projects that increase the energy efficiency of income eligible households. Education about energy efficiency best practices is an integral part of the program. Incorporation of specific whole-building energy efficiency measures is required.

Daniel Moring, Project Manager

Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program

The Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP) provides supplemental funding for energy efficiency projects for income-eligible residents.

  • Community Action Partnership of Lake County (Lake): Call 224-412-8945