Multifamily program

North Shore Gas Energy Efficiency Program

The multifamily program provides free energy-saving products and rebates on energy upgrades to owners of buildings with three or more units. Save energy and enhance the value of your property.

  • Free energy assessments – An energy advisor will complete an onsite assessment of your property's common areas, central plant and building shell, as well as in-unit sampling. You will receive a customized report summarizing free energy-saving installation options, upgrades, rebates and a cost-benefit analysis for future improvements.
  • Free energy-saving products – Through the multifamily program, owners and tenants can save energy, reduce utility costs and improve tenant retention by installing energy-efficient products, including showerheads, faucet aerators, programmable thermostats, pipe insulation and more in each unit at absolutely no cost. The free products are offered in partnership with ComEd.
  • Discount services and project rebates – Get discounted energy-saving services from participating contractors and rebates for upgrades.

To get started, contact us or call 855-993-0940 to schedule an appointment for a free energy assessment and installation of free energy-saving products.

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