Home Energy Rebate Program

North Shore Gas Energy Efficiency Program

North Shore Gas residential customers can maximize ways to save energy and improve comfort at home. Get rebates on your qualifying projects and enjoy energy savings, month after month. Owners of single-family homes, two-flats, and individually metered condos and townhomes can receive rebates on a wide range of energy-saving improvements, including upgrades for furnaces, boilers, water heaters, smart thermostats, and insulation and air sealing (weatherization).

To be eligible for rebates, the equipment must be new and fully installed, as well as meeting the energy-efficiency specifications listed on the residential application. Old equipment must also be removed. Rebates may not exceed the project cost.

Complete terms and conditions can be found on the rebate applications.

HVAC, Water Heating and Smart Thermostat Rebates

The HVAC, water heating and smart thermostat applications and rebate amounts are listed below.



Natural gas boiler Rebate
Boiler + integrated domestic hot water two-in-one unit $500
Hot water boiler
88% AFUE or greater
Steam boiler
82.5% AFUE or greater
Natural gas furnace Rebate
95% AFUE or greater $200
97% AFUE or greater $225
Natural gas water heater Rebate
Tankless water heater
UEF 0.95 or greater
Indirect water heater
88% AFUE or greater
Thermostats Rebate
Programmable thermostats
Programmable thermostats installed at the time of a new furnace installation do not qualify.
Smart thermostats
Smart thermostats purchased from ComEd Marketplace include an instant $25 rebate from North Shore Gas and do not qualify for an additional rebate.

Weatherization Rebates

North Shore Gas weatherization rebates for air sealing, insulation and duct sealing are only available for home improvements performed by contractors who are approved by the program. Approved contractors hold specific certifications and have received training on program requirements and specifications. Rebates are issued in the form of an instant discount for qualifying projects to lower your upfront cost. Contact an approved weatherization contractor to get started. Effective Jan. 1, 2024, the maximum rebate per weatherization project is $1,200. To speak with a program representative and learn more about available rebates, call 855-849-8928.

Air sealing Rebate
Installer must be an approved weatherization contractor. Rebates are capped at $400. 40 cents per cubic feet per minute (CFM) reduction
Wall insulation Rebate
Applies to exterior or above grade foundation wall and rebates are capped at $400 per project. Wall insulation rebates are now only available when bundled with air sealing. Installer must be an approved weatherization contractor. 50 cents per square foot
Attic insulation Rebate
Existing insulation must be R0 to R14 and installed insulation must be R49 or greater. Rebates are capped at $500 per project. Attic insulation rebates are now only available when bundled with air sealing. Installer must be an approved weatherization contractor. 30 cents per square foot
Duct sealing Rebate
Furnace duct sealing
Installer must be an approved weatherization contractor.
$2/CFM reduction capped at $400

Additional services may be available for income-eligible customers. Review income guidelines.

The Illinois Energy Efficiency Loan Program allows utility customers to pay for the energy improvement investments through a monthly loan charge on their utility bill. Learn more.