Water heating tips

Warm up to efficiency and performance

The average household spends about $300 a year on water heating costs alone. Take steps now to improve your water-heating equipment's efficiency.

Water heating tips Skill level Cost range Savings
Lower your water heater thermostat.
Set your water heater thermostat to 120°F to save energy and money.
Basic to advanced Free Up to 9%
Use less hot water.
Reducing hot water use is an easy, affordable way to see significant savings on energy and water bills.
Basic Varies Varies
Insulate water heaters and piping.
Insulating the piping coming out of your water heater helps keep the heat in.
Basic to advanced $20-$40 25%-45%
Replace an older water heater with an ENERGY STAR® certified model.
Purchase an ENERGY STAR certified water heater to save energy and money.
Advanced to professional $250+ Up to $360 over the 13-year lifetime