North Shore Gas rates

North Shore Gas rates are filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

For a more detailed description of the rates and charges included on a bill, visit the following pages:

Service classifications

Description Sheet Number
  Table of Contents 1-4
  Municipalities and Unincorporated Areas to Which This Schedule is Applicable 5
1 Small Residential Service 6-7
2 General Service 8-9
4 Large Volume Demand Service 10-12
5 Contract Service for Electric Generation 13
  Reserved for Future Use 14-15
7 Contract Service to Prevent Bypass 16
  Terms and Conditions of Service 17-28.2

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Numbered riders

Rider Description Sheet Number
1 Additional Charges for Taxes and Fixed Charge Adjustments 29-31.1
2 Gas Charge 32-39
3 Budget Plan of Payment 40-40.1
4 Extension of Mains 41
5 Gas Service Pipe 42-43
8 Heating Value of Gas Supplied 44
9 Unauthorized Use of Gas Service 45
10 Controlled Attachment Plan 46-48
11 Adjustment for Incremental Costs of Environmental Activities 49-52

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Lettered riders

Rider Description Sheet Number
ICTA Invested Capital Tax Adjustment 53-56
SSC Storage Service Charge 57-59
VBA Volume Balancing Adjustment 60-62
  Reserved for Future Use 63-64.1
FST Full Standby Transportation Service 65-73
SST Subscription Storage Transportation Service 74-86
P Pooling Service 87-95
CFY Choices for Yousm Transportation Service 96-99
AGG Aggregation Service 100-112
SBO Supplier Billing Option Service 113-118
FCA Franchise Cost Adjustment 119-120
GCA Governmental Agency Compensation Adjustment 121-122
UEA Uncollectible Expense Adjustment 123-130
  Reserved for Future Use 131-135
UEA-GC Uncollectible Expense Adjustment – Gas Costs 135.1
OBF On-Bill Financing 136-139
EOA Energy Efficiency and On-Bill Financing Adjustment 140-145
PIPP Percentage of Income Payment Program 146-149
  Cancelled 150-152
VITA Variable Income Tax Adjustment 153-156.1
POR Purchase of Receivables 157-162
SPC Special Purpose Charge 163-166
  Cancelled 167-168

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Information sheets

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Utility tariff revisions

2023 reconciliation of revenues and costs under Rider 2
2023 reconciliation of revenues and costs under Rider 11