Medical certificate process

At North Shore Gas, we understand the many difficulties associated with a severe illness. When you are faced with a serious health issue, keeping your home safe and warm is important, even if you have difficulty paying your natural gas bill. To be sure that you can maintain service in the case of severe illness, providing a medical certificate can prevent the disconnection of service, for those who qualify.

Please submit a medical certificate from your doctor via fax or mail:

Fax: 844-603-9181


North Shore Gas
Attn: Contact Center
200 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601-6302

Once we receive your medical certificate and determine you are eligible, we will halt disconnection. Or, if your gas has already been disconnected, turn on your service. Medical certificates are valid only for residential accounts.

  1. Please have your physician or Local Board of Health submit the medical certificate to us
  2. To help us authenticate the medical certificate, please have the submitted medical certificate
    • On certifying Physician's or Board of Health office letter head
    • Include the date
    • physician's signature; and
    • The physician's stamp
  3. The medical certificate must contain the following information:

    Patient information:
    • Patient's name
    • Patient's service address
    • Statement that the patient resides at the premises
    • A statement that the disconnection of utility service will aggravate an existing medical emergency or create a medical emergency for the patient

    Physician information:
    • Physician's name
    • Business address
    • Phone number

Conditions of the medical certificate

  • We will not discontinue service for 60 days from certification.
  • Your account will be ineligible for acceptance of additional medical certificates for one year from the date of the original certification unless the total account balance has been brought current.
  • You will be entered into a Short-Term Payment Plan within 30 days of the issuance of the certificate. No initial payment is required.
  • If service has been disconnected, medical certification for service restoration must be received within 14 days of the disconnection date.
  • The medical certificate must be dated no more than 21 days prior to the date of presentment.
  • The certifying party must sign the medical certificate.

If you have any questions regarding the medical certificate process, please contact us.